Burmilla kittens for sale

Burmilla kittens for sale

Burmilla kittens for sale

Burmilla kittens for sale

Burmilla kittens for sale

Early history

Kitzn Cattery was established in 1979 with the purchase of a Shaded Silver Persian named Holmark Sweetie Pie of Kitzn.  At that time, we lived in New Jersey and had a small cattery with 2 female silver Persians. We bred one litter a year for the next 5 years.

In 1988,  Kitzn introduced its first Birman, Tusenkatts Miss Melody of Kitzn, and that following year, a Norwegian Forest Cat named Nordmarka

Little Squeaker of Kitzn (Squeaky). For the next 8 years we bred and showed Birmans and Norwegian Forest Cats. 

Then in 1996, Norwegian Forest Cat became the concentration of our breeding. 

Subsequently , over the period of the next 10 years, we bred two litters each  of American Shorthairs, Maine Coon and Bi-color Persians, but the   major focus remained on the Norwegian Forest Cat.

In 2010, after many years of breeding and showing Norwegian Forest Cats.

we decided to explore a new challenge. 

The Burmilla was already a popular breed in Great Britain, Europe,

Australia, Canada and New Zealand, but had not reached popularity in the US. They were almost none existent in the US except for a breeder or two.

Kitzn establish a breeding program and worked to promote  the Burmilla to the U.S. cat associations of CFA and TICA.

In February, 2014, the Burmilla was accepted for Championship status in CFA. We continue to show and promote the Burmilla so that we can reach championship status in TICA as well.

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Burmilla Kittens

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