The Burmilla has just completed their first season

of competition in CFA with championship status.

We are happy to report that several Burmillas have been

awarded titles in the United States.

Burmilla Kittens

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   Burmilla  Kittens


Keith Kimberlin


CFA NEWS May 2015

* Longhair Burmilla

Here is the list of titled Burmillas in order of recognition.

13 are Burmilla Shorhair and 1 is Burmilla Longhair.

All are Shaded Silver and Tipped Silver

  • GC RW BW Kitzn's Arielle
  • GC RW Mesterkatter Keira
  • GP Kitzn's Gustav
  • GC Kitzn's Stevia
  • GP Kitzn's Mickey
  • GP Kitzn's Ready Set Go
  •  GP Kitzn's Lotte Lenya of Tigerwings
  •  GC Kitzn's Rose of Sazikatz
  •  GP Kitzn's Stella Blu
  •  GP Kitzn's Aidan
  • GC Miamber Silver Melody of Kitzn
  • GC Miamber Silver Allegro of Kitzn
  • GC BW Kasanovakatz Heather*
  • GC Kasanovakatz Iris